“Although the World Malaria Report 2022 indicates there has been no further significant increase in malaria deaths, despite the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, progress appears to be stalling, or reversing.

The risks posed by global issues such as climate change and urbanisation, driving the spread of malaria to countries where the disease is not typically endemic, point to the urgent need for new innovations to use alongside existing tools.

We must improve surveillance by diagnosing malaria better, particularly for those people without symptoms and at the early stage of malaria infection, and develop products to effectively control mosquitoes, including the invasive Anopheles stephensi – one of the primary malaria vectors in urban areas.

This is a priority for Arctech Innovation as part of our commitment to reduce the burden of diseases such as malaria and empower people to take care of their health.”

A comment from our CEO and Co-Founder, Professor James Logan following the release of the World Malaria Report 2022 by the World Health Organization.