Professor James Logan (Director of ARCTEC, and Head of the Department of Disease Control at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) has delivered a fascinating talk on mosquitoes and disease control at The Royal Institution on the evening of Tuesday 23rd July.

Featuring several interactive sections, including a live dissection of a blood-fed mosquito, a demonstration of how repellents are tested by placing an arm inside a cage of mosquitoes, and inviting members of the audience to test their attractiveness to mosquitoes, Professor Logan took the audience on an exciting journey of discovery.

Supported by ARCTEC team members, Professor Logan explained the science behind why some people get bitten by mosquitoes more than others, and how this is being exploited to develop revolutionary ways to protect against mosquitoes which transmit tropical diseases.

Using ground breaking techniques, this discovery may lead to the development of a novel, non-invasive diagnostic test for malaria, based on the detection of human body odour by smart-watches, and even dogs.

Professor Logan also took the opportunity to bust some common myths behind insect bite protection and prevention, and showcase the truth about how to stay safe when travelling.