At Arctech Innovation, we have a mission to transform lives by creating and delivering public health innovations and global social impact, through our three core divisions – innovation, contract research and social impact.

In this piece, you can take a quick glance at our expertise, experience and capabilities across each division.

The innovation division

In this division, we translate academic scientific discoveries and novel IP into commercial products, enabled by our proprietary Semeion IQTM chemical ecology platform, underpinned by our clinical expertise and capabilities.

Through exploiting the powerful odour detection capabilities of insects as biosensors, together with analytical chemistry, we have an exciting, innovative pipeline of technologies to diagnose diseases including malaria, COVID-19 and other diseases, and to protect against disease vectors and insect pests.

We are always seeking new opportunities for co-development, licensing and partnerships so if you have an exciting, novel idea for commercialisation, please do get in touch.

The contract research division

Since 2010, we have enabled more than 300 product innovations through our contract research division. We offer product evaluation and clinical trial services to our clients, from concept and experimental testing to large-scale field trials, enabling and accelerating product development and product registration.

Our GLP laboratories, and GCP trained staff, enable us to test medical devices, and vector and pest control products using robust protocols and to the highest of standards. We work closely with regulatory authorities such as the MHRA, WHO, HSE, BPR and EPA.

Our multi-disciplinary team of research scientists and clinical trial managers can also design bespoke experimental protocols, conduct literature reviews and undertake strategic market research to support your product development needs.

The social impact division

We deliver small and large-scale vector borne disease, and hygiene-related, behaviour change and intervention studies, as well as educational programmes, designed to positively impact health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

With our experts in social science, we work with industry partners, NGOs and governments in many countries globally to investigate drivers behind consumer behaviour and to understand attitudes towards, and knowledge of, disease control practices and products. We use this information to design and implement educational and behaviour change programmes with demonstrable impact.

We have established a unique data resource, the Global Vector Hub (GVH), which is an online, information resource, network and data-sharing platform. We collect big data, interrogate it, and provide expert interpretation to support vector control policy and decision making at local and national levels, and provide intelligence to companies on geographical market trends and disease prevalence for their product development and marketing activities.

We work with stakeholders to identify gaps in vector control surveillance and capacities in-country and support ongoing vector control research, as well as preparedness and rapid responses to vector borne disease outbreaks.

For more detail on how we can work together across these divisions, please email