To mark the 120th anniversary of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) in 2019, ARCTEC provided a showcase display exhibit for a special evening drinks reception on 10th September celebrating 120 years of health innovation at the School.

Alongside our colleagues at the Global Vector Hub and Vecotech, ARCTEC displayed examples of the innovative research conducted by our multidisciplinary scientists in the laboratory and in the field.

This includes investigating how humans produce volatiles which naturally attract or repel mosquitoes, and how this could allow us to develop a new treatment which stimulates production of repellent chemicals in susceptible humans.

We also invited a Medical Detection Dog to the evening reception to showcase our work in training dogs to use their sense of smell to detect chemical signatures associated with infection of malaria on a human – a new form of non-invasive diagnostics.

The evening was a huge success, demonstrating that innovation has, and continues to be, central to the School and ARCTEC’s mission of improving health worldwide.

The audience for the LSHTM120 reception included notable LSHTM alumni, representatives from major research funders, University Vice Chancellors, Government representatives, international Ambassadors, friends of the School, LSHTM international and strategic partners and journalists.