Professor James Logan (Head of the Department of Disease Control at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Director of ARCTEC) has spoken with Which? magazine warning holidaymakers to the Mediterranean to take precautions against Aedes mosquitoes.

This warning has come after cases of tropical diseases such as chikungunya and dengue fever have been reported in in European countries such as Greece, France, Italy and Spain.

Professor Logan told Which? magazine, “The mosquito species Aedes has now infested most of Europe, with sightings in Belgium, France, Spain and even the UK. It’s not something to scaremonger about – risk is still low compared with the tropics – but people should take precautions, particularly with children.”

He advises that, even on Mediterranean beaches, holidaymakers should consider using a repellent with one of the four WHO-recommended active ingredients – DEET, PMD, IR3535 or Picaridin.

The Aedes mosquito is believed to have arrived in Europe after its eggs were attached to used tyres transported from South Asia. Milder winters in Europe mean that the species is now more likely to survive than in the past.

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