We use our Semeion IQ™ platform to take early-stage concepts and novel IP through to commercialisation, bridging the gap between fundamental scientific discoveries and the need for new technologies to address the world’s biggest public health challenges.

Semeion IQ™ platform

Humans and other animals produce odours that have the potential to change the way we detect and control diseases.

At Arctech Innovation, we are making sense of scents; we use our Semeion IQ™ chemical ecology platform to exploit odour signals and harness odour chemicals to develop innovative odour-based disease surveillance and control products including:

  • Long-lasting repellent technologies that offer enduring protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects.
  • Pheromone-based attractants and lures for surveillance of disease vectors, pest infestations and other pest control problems.
  • Game changing non-invasive, odour-based diagnostic technologies for diseases including malaria and COVID-19.


With our unrivalled expertise in chemical ecology and entomology, and product development and evaluation know-how, we are uniquely positioned to co-develop with academic institutions and industry partners to transform novel IP into an innovative product for the public health, pest control and vector control markets.

If you have a novel idea or concept you want to explore with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Product development

We can offer insight and advice on all aspects of the product development and innovation cycle, including:

–  Ideas generation for novel innovations and technologies to solve a particular problem, or address an unmet market.

–  Scientific literature reviews and strategic market research, collating and analysing available data on vector control tools and products, and active ingredient guidance.

–  Product range evaluation to assess what product type works well in target markets, and conducting efficacy testing in the lab and field.

–  Support for product registration and navigation through regulatory and approval processes including EU and EPA.