Our CEO, Professor James Logan, shares his thoughts on the ground-breaking news that the World Health Organization has recommended the malaria vaccine for children at risk:

“The announcement from the World Health Organization that it has recommended the world’s first malaria vaccine to help prevent infection in African children is a historic moment in the fight against malaria. It demonstrates that public-private partnerships have a vital role to play in bringing accessible and scalable interventions to those who need them the most.

But even with this vaccine, malaria will continue to exist. To achieve malaria eradication, we must also use existing tools better, and importantly, we must develop new innovations to control mosquitoes and diagnostic malaria better, particularly those people without symptoms and at the early stage of malaria infection.

Our team at Arctech Innovation is addressing this by developing novel, non-invasive technologies to diagnose malaria in real time, including odour-based sensors and bio detection dogs, and innovative tools to detect mosquitoes and protect against their bites.

We strongly believe we can end malaria within our lifetime. The vaccine is a huge stride towards this goal, and we will, along with our global partners across industry and academia, continue to strive to achieve this.”