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Where artificial intelligence meets the genius of nature


We believe the future for pest and disease control lies in scent… and an insect’s antenna.

At Arctech Innovation, we’re harnessing insect intelligence to better detect threats, including pests and diseases, and to protect the health of our future world.

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According to the World Health Organization, the next pandemic is likely to be insect-borne.

Climate change is driving the rapid spread of mosquitoes and other pests globally, putting 80% of the world's population at risk of vector-borne disease. 


We are taking action to improve lives.

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Discover how we’re interrogating scent data to predict, prevent and manage the spread of pests and diseases in entirely new ways.

Our Semeion iQ® discovery platform

Our Semeion iQ® discovery platform fuses artificial intelligence, insect olfaction and analytical chemistry to discover odour biomarkers, which enable precision detection of pests and deadly diseases.

We translate these odour signatures into platform product technologies – using sensors and AI-powered algorithms – to create our novel sustainable pest control and disease diagnostic devices.

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Our insect-inspired product portfolio

Every living organism, from humans to insects to bacteria, produces a distinct odour; our products exploit this to detect threats, including pests and diseases.  

At the heart of our products lies cutting-edge sensor technology, powered by intelligent insect-inspired algorithms and using the odour biomarkers identified via Semeion iQ®.

The technology is scalable and adaptable to countless targets and threats, with applications across pest and vector control, human health, animal health, agriculture and biosecurity.

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Pest control


Smart traps for automated detection and remote monitoring of pests, and hand-held detection devices.


Medical diagnostics


Non-invasive handheld devices to detect health conditions and diseases in humans.

Who are we?

Arctech Innovation is a purpose-driven enterprise, co-founded by Professor James Logan and Professor Mary Cameron. We are a spin-out from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

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Our vision is to shape the future of pest control and global health by combining artificial intelligence with the genius of nature to create sustainable solutions that help us live smarter in a changing world.

Our team are innovators, challenging invisible orthodoxies and meeting disruption head on - with expertise across entomology, insect behaviour, chemical ecology, engineering, analytical chemistry, product development and efficacy testing.


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