Arctech Innovation is a for-profit and for-purpose enterprise: developing sensor-enabled pest control and health monitoring solutions; leading contract research and evaluation of vector control products; and pioneering innovative, data-led social impact programmes.

Who are we

We are a spin-out company from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), bridging the gap between academic research and industry needs across our three divisions; innovation, contract research and social impact.

Our mission is to transform lives by developing products based on bio-inspired technology design and purpose-driven innovation – empowering the prediction, prevention and management of the spread of pests and diseases.

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What we do

Innovation: We use our platform, Semeion IQ™, to exploit the incredible odour sensing capabilities of insects to decode and identify the hidden biomarkers of pests and diseases. We translate this unique discovery into sensor-enabled products that detect pests and human infections.

Contract Research: We are a leading institution for independent laboratory evaluation and efficacy testing of pest control products, including topical and spatial repellents, insecticides, lures and other vector control technologies. We work with you from initial assessment and experimental testing in the laboratory to clinical trials and field studies to support product development and regulatory registration.

Social impact: We develop and implement educational programmes and large-scale behaviour change and intervention studies, working closely with the WHO, local and national governments, NGOs and industry partners to build capacity and instil good vector control practices in households and communities.

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Our products

We have an exciting product portfolio, underpinned by the technology platform developed from Semeion IQ™, focussed on two categories: pest control and disease detection.

Our current flagship products include a bed bug lure with monitoring trap, working towards an Internet of Things (IoT) approach to automated pest detection, and a non-invasive, handheld device for detecting infection in humans other animals.

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Multi-disciplinary scientists

Our highly-skilled team have expertise in chemistry, sensors, entomology, insect behaviour, product design, electrical engineering, data, social science, coding and clinical trials.

We ensure all our scientists are fully trained and follow Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) regulations and processes.

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Get in touch

Whatever your query may be – whether just a speculative question, or you have a new innovation or a product that needs testing – we would love to hear from you!

To request a quote, please call us on +44 (0)203 105 3522 or email us at

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