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Our products

Adaptable and scalable across multiple sectors

The opportunities are endless for our odour-based detection technology, with wide ranging application across pest and vector control, human health, animal health, agriculture and biosecurity.

We are actively looking for commercial collaboration partners. If you are interested in partnering, please reach out to our Director of Strategic Partnerships: 
Dr Sophie Wulff.


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 BugScents®: our effective, patented bed bug detection solution.

Based on a direct mimic of the bed bug aggregation pheromone, this product actively attracts bed bugs and lures them into traps.

Pipeline products

Our current pipeline of innovative and digital products will help us live smarter in a rapidly changing world, allowing us to predict, prepare for and prevent pests and diseases.

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Automated pest detection


A novel insect detection system that uses odour biomarkers to accurately and remotely detect pests. 

This technology is affordable, scalable and highly adaptable.

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Real-time, point-of-care diagnostics


A handheld device that samples the air from the surface of your skin.

This technology recognises the odours associated with specific diseases such as malaria.

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