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The science

There is a hidden world of odour all around us

Every living organism has an individual scent pattern made up of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

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Whether it’s a plant, a crawling pest, or the sweat on your skin – each has its own odour signal with a distinct pattern.

By decoding the secret language of scent, we can understand pests and diseases in entirely new ways and learn to better detect and control them.

The genius of nature

At Arctech Innovation, we’re fascinated by nature - it often has the answer to some of the biggest problems in global health.

We know insects navigate the world using scent, detecting and responding to subtle changes in odour.

But to replicate nature’s greatest biosensor - the insect’s antenna - we need to use artificial intelligence.


And that’s what we do using our Semeion iQ® discovery platform.

Our Semeion iQ® discovery platform

Our Semeion iQ® discovery platform fuses artificial intelligence, insect olfaction and analytical chemistry to discover odour biomarkers, which enable precision detection of pests and deadly diseases.

We translate these odour signatures into platform product technologies – using sensors and AI-powered algorithms – to create our novel sustainable pest control and disease diagnostic devices.

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